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Star Legends is a free to play mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) and adventure game released in english in 2011, set in a far corner of our galaxy during the 41st century.

Star Legends

Human privateers travel to the UCS Blackstar, a massive colony ship, to answer the call of fame and fortune. Two factions, the space-age humans and the alien threat known as the Vular, battle one another for resources, power and inter-galactic dominance.


Each mission contains several sub-levels designed around a common theme within the lore and world-background story of the Blackstar Chronicles, all hosted by a single server with multiple versions of levels (5 player limit) and social area zones (25 player limit) running concurrently.

Game: Star Legends
Year: 2011
Genre: MMORPG and Adventure
Mode: Free to play
Platform: Download client
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