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The Lost Titans is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG), action and adventure game released in english in 2012, set in ancient Greece.

The Lost Titans

Enter a land where two Titans, Ophion and Hyperion are ritually and eternally locked in a battle over control of Aristos. One fateful day, Hyperion mysteriously vanishes from Aristos forcing it into a state of chaos. Seeing the world change beneath their feet, the young warriors of the City of Light are tasked with seeking the truth behind Hyperion dissapearance, while saving the world of Aristos from a twisted evil.


The Lost Titans will take the player on an epic journey as they fight to save the Greek Pantheon and their world. With skill-based action and vivid, this game will bring the player a story of a young man tasked with saving his home and freeing the King of the Gods.

Game: The Lost Titans
Year: 2012
Genre: MMORPG, Action and Adventure
Mode: Free to play
Platform: Web browser and Download client
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